Essay prep resources since the LMS is down

How to thesis: Transition words to organize your explanatory essay: More transition words from OWL: How to thesis: A deeper dive on composing a thesis/controlling idea statement via In an

The third day of school

I assigned a ridiculous amount of summer reading to my students over their break. Read 1984 and Little Brother. Not in print, but using an obscure ebook reading platform called Kobo. That’s about 15

A peek at my bookshelf

What Every Body is Saying – Navarro (book about body language from an FBI investigator) Food: A Love Story – Gaffigan (humor writing) Influence – Cialdini (psychology book about persuasion) The Intelligent Investor –

Surfing the tidal wave: evaluating personalized reading assignments

How we’re going to do high-volume, low-intensity informational text summarization with RSS and Google Forms. This fall, we’re going to use Feedly to aggregate RSS feeds in my class. Each student will make a curated textbook of

Macbeth, Plastic Bags, and Inductive Reasoning

The single most useful approach to literary analysis is the ability to reason inductively. That is to say, identify pieces of evidence from a text then intuit how they are connected. It keeps the

Chuch: Inductively Reasoned Exegesis and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

What do the devoutly religious and have in common? Text exegesis + inductive reasoning = evidence-based interpretations about a text. For the Scriptures and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Here’s a Christian perspective from Tony Warren: From a theological

Into and Through College: Increasing Luck Surface Area

Athletes and musicians are often recruited by colleges and universities. How can normal kids learn from the specialists to propel themselves into and through college? Public effort. From what I’ve seen at Instructables and in Oakland: Engaging

Mental Squats: Learn Like a Powerlifter

Your brain is a bit like a muscle. It needs exercise to get stronger. But it needs the right kind of exercise to achieve the biggest gains. In weight training, it boils down to

Speaking Assignment Test1

Working on embedding speaking/listening assignments from Michigan State’s digital tools for language set.

old school

One room. Thirty desks arranged in rows. One teacher. This picture was taken about a hundred years ago. Piaget and Vygotsky were 17. Dewey was 54 and would publish Democracy and Education three years later. Freire